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Features of Rockchip RK3588 Mainboard

The RK3588 is a single-board computer or Mainboard that is integrated with the RK3588 Rockchip. This Mainboard is the latest addition to the SBCs collection, and it becomes popular in no time due to its innovative features.

The rk3588 Mainboard is amazing in its performance, data transfer speed, and other features. Many brands have introduced this Mainboard and geniatech is among them. You can visit the geniatech official page to check the product specifications and place your order.

But first, let’s have a look at which features you’ll get from this Mainboard!

1. Processing Unit

The rk3588 has two processing unit’s quad-core A76 and A55. Both units perform their specific functions to elevate computer efficiency and performance. The A76 processor reads the CPU command and translates them into different programs. This processor works like a leader and translator in a computer, but it consumes more energy than the A55 processor.

However, the A55 processor is designed to improve computational efficiency. The primary role of this processor is to save energy and reduce overall electricity consumption.

Energy consumption is the critical feature of SBCs and the main reason people should choose them over traditional computers. That’s the reason A55 is as essential as the A76. Most people compare both these processors and claim that A76 is more beneficial. However, the high-end technology of rk3588 is incomplete without both processors.

2. GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)

The RK3588 Mainboard comes up with Mali-G610 MP4 GPU. This unit supports the high-quality 2D and 3D programs OpenGL ES 3.2 and OpenCL 2.0. These programs improve the video gaming graphics and allow the gamer to enjoy fully.

The Mali-D610 processor also has a 1.8Ghz clock speed for faster data transfer, 2Ghz memory bandwidth for data processing, and supports a 4K high-resolution video display.

3. Ethernet RJ45*2, 10/100/1000M

RJ45 is a dual Gigabit Ethernet that supports 10 to 1000Mbps internet with the speed of 1Gb/second. These Ethernets use Cat5 UTP wires for internet transfer. This high-speed internet allows the user to download high-streaming videos within a few minutes.

4. WIFI/802.11.AX, MIMO and Bluetooth BT5.0

The RK3588 mainboards contain all the features that allow high-speed data and internet transfer. This SBC comes with next-generation WiFi technology 802.11.AX. 802.11.AX is the successor to 802.11ac, and it covers all the limitations of the previous version.

This WiFi supports 9.6 Gpbs of the internet without any external interference. So, whether you are living in a crowded place or many people are using the same internet, it will not affect the speed.

When it comes to data transfer, RK3588 has BT5.0 Bluetooth technology. With this cutting-edge technology, you can connect your computer with any other devices for data and file transfer.

You can connect these SBCs with any home theater, smartphone, gaming devices, TV, etc., to enjoy both 2D and 3D streaming. Other than residential, these mainboards are also used in commercial applications where both performance and efficiency are required with low energy consumption.


If you are looking for an innovative and latest SBC, the RK3588 will be an amazing solution. This computer comes with all the latest features that support high performance and data transfer with minimum energy consumption. For more information, check the geniatech official website.

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