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How to Protect Your Certified Lightning Cable

The safety and durability guarantees are among the best things about using a certified lightning cable. However, certified lightning cables can still get damaged even with their quality construction and robust materials. That will happen when you do not give your cables maximum attention. We recommend that once you buy the cable, make sure you protect it. One of the best places to find a collection of multiple certified lightning cables from Ugreen website; https://www.ugreen.com/collections/lightning-cable.

Ways to protect your new or existing certified lightning cable

The worst thing you can do is mishandle a cable you’ve spent money on. Most Apple phone owners have reported having damaged their cables by mistake; you’ll rarely see something doing it intentionally. This post discusses some tips that can help you protect your certified lightning cable.

Always practice caution when pulling the plug

One of the major causes of damaged lightning cables is incorrect plugging. When you pull the plug in fast, you will tug on your phone’s electronic cables. Even the highest-quality lightning cables can eventually get damaged from constant tugging; the cable may slit, causing its internal wiring to get exposed. This can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, you can protect your certified lightning cable by gripping the plastic jacket correctly when unplugging it. Doing this will protect its internal components.

Wrap the cable correctly

You can also protect your certified lightning cable by wrapping it correctly. One of the main things that could cause your cable to get damaged is poor wrapping. When you wrap the cable incorrectly, it may damage its internal wires. It may also cause kinks that eventually damage your cable’s internal wires. The correct way to wrap your cable is by looping it to create a smooth circle. Once you master this wrapping technique, you can preserve your cable when on the go.

Keep the cable clean

Most people rarely think about cleaning their cables. It is not about dipping your cable in water but wiping it on the outside slowly. Moisture and friction can present hazards to the exposed pins on your cables. Therefore, you can protect your lightning cables by ensuring to wipe off any moisture or foreign debris as soon as they occur. Your cables may require more cleaning and maintenance if you frequently have them in your car or travel with them often. Don’t use water to clean your cables; a soft and dry cloth is enough.

Store the cable correctly

Proper storage can also help protect your certified lightning cable. It would be wise to store your cable away from moisture to prevent damage to the exposed pins. Also, keep them away from sharp objects or heat to protect the cover from damage to the extent of exposing the internal components. Proper storage also implies not bending your cables.


Investing in a high-quality certified lightning cable is one of the best decisions you could make for your Apple phone and cable safety. The certification badge does not make the cable immune to damage, but the tips above will help you preserve your lightning cable.

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