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Reasons You Need Surface Finishing For Your Products

Surface finishing is a very important process after manufacturing a product. This is so because there are imperfections that come up in the process of manufacturing and there is need for surface finishing clearing the imperfections. Additionally, there are other many reasons why surface finishing is important. You can get surface finishing services from any electronic prototyping company offering the services.  In this article we will analyze the different applications of surface finishing services and why it is important for you.

Reasons you may need Surface finishing

In other words, what are the applications of surface finishing?

Correcting printing imperfections

In the process of printing prototypes, the parts may have some defects caused by various reasons. Some reasons may be shrinking, excess molds among other reasons. Surface finishing cleans the defects and makes the product acquire its desired shape.

Additional protection    

Some parts once produced are left so bare and some materials cannot survive the adverse conditions. There is need for protection through additional layers of coating or painting. This protects the parts from rust, corrosion among other perils.


Tinting is a surface finishing service. Do you need to have your product tinted with a certain colour? Tinted products are mainly used to show notices, signs for they are highly noticeable.


Anodization involves a combination reaction of electrode and electric driven metal and oxygen. This reaction leads to creation of a film on the anode side. This process is mainly used to furnish electronic appliances.

Logo and Symbol printing

A product has no marketing value if it does not represent its origin. The logo and symbols are the identifiers of quality and value in the market. Surface finishing services ensure the symbols and logos are printed according to customer needs.


Apart from painting and anodization, You can choose to have your product decorated ith the feature you need. This service helps you have an attractive product that you can be proud of and also be attractive to your customers. Good decoration can mean customer traffic and huge sales.

Shortcomings of surface polishing    

Despite the tremendous advantages of surface polishing, there are disadvantages too. These disadvantages include;

Time consuming

Surface polishing services such as coating requires a lot of time. This is a drawback especially when a product is urgently needed. However the duration varies with the type of coating involved.

Dangerous rays

There are hazardous rays produced during the polishing process. These rays may affect the mechanics and engineers if not well protected with the necessary gears.

Vacuum chamber limitation

The work piece should have sufficient carbon and size for efficient service. However, wot the vacuum chamber limitation this poses a challenge.

Vacuum requirement

Surface polishing would be more easy and flexible without the need of a vacuum. Therefore, the vacuum operations require personnel and cost.


Surface polishing is a very significant process in the determination of your end product. Clean all the defects, sharpen corners, decorate and give your products the best look you may want through Surface polishing. However there are a few manageable setbacks.

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