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Transcribe Zoom Meetings With This Incredible Software

Zoom is a popular software when it comes to online visual or audio meetings. Technological advancement has also played a great role in a rapidly growing world. You can connect with any person regardless of their location around the globe and conduct formal or informal meetings. Zoom has made this impossible.

Often you need a transcript/ text document of what is being said in the meeting. This is either for the record purpose or later revision of key points/ meeting agenda. Transcribing manually is difficult and takes up sufficient time.

This short article will introduce easy text that you can use to transcribe zoom meetings. Continue reading to find out!

Transcribe Zoom Meetings With EaseText

You can transcribe zoom meetings in Realtime through this software. The process you need to follow is as follows:

  • First, you need to download the ease text audio-to-text converter online. Later you need to install this software
  • Secondly, open the software and click on the tab featuring transcribed text
  • Then you need to tweak the settings on the language of transcription, file storage location, and file name
  • Later join the zoom meeting through ID and passcode
  • The software begins transcribing the text. You can edit the file if you want after the conference has ended.
  • In the end, transport the reader to the file.

Why Choose EaseText to Transcribe Zoom Meetings?

Several features exist that will compel you to make use of EaseText. Some of the key elements of transcribe zoom meetings are:

Instant Access

Some people in a meeting may be deaf, or one’s who are unable to hear. By Realtime transcription, they can easily understand what is being said. Following this, everyone can fully digest and understand the information appropriately.

Qualitative Comprehension

With the best quality of comprehension, speakers from a non-native class can fully understand the meeting. This broadens your meeting spectrum throughout the world. The language barrier cannot stop you from spreading the word and accomplishing your goals. Anyone can read the text following up on transcription.

Save Time

By using the transcription software, you can ensure sufficient time-saving. This you can eventually put into other valuable causes. No more manual transcribing. Besides that, it is accurate but takes up a lot of time. EaseText helps you in achieving that right.

Better Searchability

No one needs to worry if they missed something in the meeting. OR a person who is being late to the forum. You can search for the text throughout the meeting. There is no need to watch the whole discussion. This will help you save a lot of time. The searchability option takes up information in detail within.

Auto Notes Preparation

The software helps you prepare essential notes on the go. This enables you to design a detailed record of the meeting and use it when needed. No need to write up every single line for record keeping. You can even convert the encounter into a presentation format. This way, you can highlight the important information.

We hope to read the information on transcribed zoom meetings. You can get the most out of this software.

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